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CyberCore fits easily into your supply chain so nothing else is lurking in there.

40% of cyber breaches occur in the supply chain. CyberCore is with you every step of the way in securing your IT supply chain, from before you ever see a piece of hardware to its decommission and disposal.

  1. From Design to Delivery.

Security starts before a server is even ordered.

We provide design and engineering support to right-size your IT asset buy and work directly with suppliers like Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and CISCO to source today’s most advanced technology.

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

We take the worry out of your IT acquisition. We procure, receive, store, inspect, and prepare assets for your most critical systems. It’s all done in our one-of-a-kind ISO 28000:2007 and ISO 20243-1:2018 certified facility, comprised of 88,000 square feet of warehouse space and 8,500 square feet of raised floor test, integration, and office space (5,000 of it secure).

With every device inspected for authenticity, we maintain secure control over your equipment from our warehouse, equipment testing, storage, loading bay, on our trucks, and through installation.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Even if we’re not actively managing your IT acquisition and installation, we can apply our expertise to validating that it’s being done properly. After all, we do this stuff for the U.S. Federal Government, so we know it inside and out.

Our assessments cover analysis and OPSEC services including:


Analysis Services

  • Cyber attack surface analysis
  • Nefarious association investigation
  • Financial risk assessment

OPSEC Services

• Hardware integrity and root of trust
• Offensive SCRM operations
• Device verification and validation
• Decommission and secure destruction


Need to manage on-premises infrastructure or create a FedRAMP-compliant cloud in a hurry? We offer the world’s first secure, scalable, and cloud-enabled data center—built on HPE, Intel, and RedHat. This preconfigured, “nearly-ready-to-ATO” solution can be up and running in five to six weeks, instead of six to nine months.

Learn more about SecurStak today!

2 Implementation to Operation

Your supply chain doesn’t end with delivery.

Our Mission Support teams work side-by-side with you to maintain the integrity of your assets and the success of your mission. With hundreds of high-level, government-cleared personnel holding the industry’s leading certifications, our people are the driving force behind our offerings. They deliver the difference through software engineering, IT service delivery, help desk, vulnerability and penetration testing (VAPT), systems engineering and administration, security, and cyber defense.

3 Decommission and Disposal

How closely do you scrutinize assets on their way out the door?

Many data compromises involve residual data on used equipment. CyberCore applies the same level of inspection on your old equipment as we do pre-delivery. We have found illicit or counterfeit components and sensitive data on hardware previously deemed “clean” by other organizations. Before you send equipment out the door, send it through our asset sanitation facility.

Your supply chain doesn’t end with the device’s end of life.

CyberCore can help you securely decommission your assets, from disposal to liquidation.

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