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What is cSCRM and Why Should I Care?

November 30, 2017

Welcome to CyberCore’s New Blog: Cyber, Before the 1s and 0s!

My name is Brett Bennett and I am the Director of Cyber Supply Chain Security at CyberCore Technologies (CyberCore). I’m a self-proclaimed process “geek” who has over 20+ years of experience leveraging technology to drive operational efficiencies. The primary goal is to deliver a product or service with the greatest efficiency, at the lowest possible cost, and ensuring standards compliance without compromise. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work in all stages within the supply chain, from procurement to delivery and currently manage CyberCore’s alliance partner network comprised of hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers.

So who is CyberCore and where does Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (cSCRM) fit into the equation?

Founded in 2000, CyberCore Technologies is the leading provider of Secure Supply Chain Management and Cyber Solutions focused on protecting our customer’s environment from external and internal threats.  Leveraging ISO 28000 and ISO 20243 certified supply chain security processes, CyberCore provides Value Added, Managed, and Professional Services to ensure all end-user services are secure and trusted.

Throughout the product acquisition lifecycle, CyberCore provides value added services including asset tagging, testing, smart-boxing, secure packaging, and secure delivery of IT equipment and rack-based systems leveraging ISO certified processes and procedures to reduce the likelihood of delivering counterfeit or tainted products to a customer. CyberCore’s Managed Services optimizes your infrastructure, provides proactive device management, and optimizes business processes to save you money and reduce waste. CyberCore’s professional services is comprised of over 300 cleared personnel with concentrations in many technical disciplines including engineering and operations, networking, software engineering, and cyber security. CyberCore has delivered over $ 2 B of IT product and 700+ system builds for core mission IT infrastructure for government and commercial clients.

As the industry has evolved, CyberCore’s focus on security in the supply chain has evolved with it. Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM), primarily referred to resiliency within your supply chain, ensures delivery of products and services at competitive cost without disruption or compromise. Over the last decade however, SCRM within the IT industry, has evolved dramatically. The rapid growth and adoption of technology has led to increasing amounts of product outsourcing and innovation to develop technology at increasingly competitive cost points.  While this diversity enables technology innovation at lower cost, it also increases vulnerability to malicious influence.  In today’s world, the Internet of Things (IoT) opens a potential pathway for attackers to touch all aspects of our life including personal data, financial & healthcare industries, and even national security. The risk is growing exponentially from an ever-increasing web of global suppliers and manufacturers. While statistics vary,  as many as 40% of cyber-attacks have originated through infiltration of the supply chain. As a result, system integrators, value added resellers, and equipment manufacturers must address Cyber Security throughout the supply chain. With over 17 years of experience in IT supply chain, ISO 28000 (Secure Supply Chain Risk Management) and ISO 20243 (Mitigating Maliciously Tainted and Counterfeit Products) certifications, CyberCore has a mature Cyber Supply Chain Security program to focus on this mounting risk.

Processes, standards, legislation, and opinions published since 2002 on supply chain risk management and security are broad and at times difficult to navigate. One of the goals of this blog is to bridge the gap between boring boiler plate content and something that is more engaging.

Depending on your role within the supply chain, priorities and your ability to control influences will vary greatly. Forming a common opinion or standard supply chain risk management program from all available data and viewpoints is a significant challenge. Using this blog as the vehicle, I look forward to sharing information I come across as it relates to the IT industry, supply chain risk management and cyber supply chain security. I will share what it takes to implement supply chain risk management standards, how will they affect your business’ ability to control cost and still meet Service Level Agreements (SLA), how it will make a difference, and discuss different implementation strategies.

Please don’t be shy to share ideas on topics you would like to see discussed on CyberCore’s social media platforms linked below!

All the best…Brett

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