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Tina Kuhn, Industry Era 10 Best CEOs of 2019

February 13, 2020

Tina Kuhn, CyberCore’s President and CEO, is named one of the ‘10 Best CEOs of 2019’ by Industry Era Magazine. Industry Era Magazine features top CEOs who provide a unique company vision, philosophy, experience, and proposition; all characteristics Tina upholds. The award also highlighted CyberCore’s services, products, strengths, innovative ideas, and future plans.

Tina’s proud to be named a top 10 CEO but gives credit to CyberCore’s dedicated employees. She believes it’s important to give employees a great working environment because happy and engaged employees work hard to uphold CyberCore’s name. Tina takes immense pride in her employees and the demanding work they do each and every day. Her goal is “Making CyberCore the best place to work, getting us to the next level, and consistently thinking of ways to make our company better for our employees!” Tina joined CyberCore in 2016 and has focused on continuously making CyberCore great by being a strong leader and decision-maker. In Tina’s book, The Manager’s Communication Tool Kit: Tools and Techniques for Leading Difficult Personalities, she demonstrates the current leadership methods she uses to motivate and lead CyberCore employees.

You can read Tina’s full feature here.

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