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CyberCore fits easily into your supply chain so nothing else is lurking in there.



From Design to Delivery.

Security starts before a server is even ordered.

We offer comprehensive design and engineering assistance for your IT assets, collaborating directly with leading suppliers such as HPE and CISCO to procure cutting-edge technology solutions.

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

We meticulously manage the entire lifecycle of your critical systems’ assets, from procurement and reception to storage, inspection, and preparation. This is all conducted within our unparalleled facility, certified with ISO 28000:2007 and ISO 20243:2018 standards, boasting 88,000 square feet of warehouse space and 8,500 square feet of raised floor dedicated to testing, integration, and office functions (with 5,000 square feet securely designated). Every device undergoes thorough authentication checks, ensuring a secure grip on your equipment at every stage — from our warehouse and equipment testing areas to storage, loading bay, transportation on our trucks, and finally, seamless installation.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Even if we’re not actively managing your IT acquisition and installation, we can apply our expertise to validating that it’s being done properly.

Our assessments cover analysis and OPSEC services including:

Analysis Services
  • Cyber attack surface analysis
  • Nefarious association investigation
  • Financial risk assessment
OPSEC Services
  • Hardware integrity and root of trust
  • Offensive SCRM operations
  • Device verification and validation
  • Decommission and secure destruction

Implementation to Operation.

Your supply chain doesn’t end with delivery.

Partner with our Mission Support teams as we collaborate seamlessly to safeguard your assets and elevate the success of your mission. Our dedicated professionals, numbering in the hundreds, hold top-tier certifications and government clearances, making them the dynamic force propelling our cutting-edge solutions. Explore the impact of our offerings, which span across software engineering, IT service delivery, help desk support, vulnerability and penetration testing (VAPT), systems engineering and administration, security, and cyber defense. Experience the difference our teams bring to every facet of your mission’s success.


Decommission and Disposal.

How closely do you scrutinize assets on their way out the door?

Many data compromises involve residual data on used equipment. Consequently, CyberCore applies the same level of inspection on your old equipment as we do pre-delivery. We have found illicit or counterfeit components and sensitive data on hardware previously deemed “clean” by other organizations. Before you send equipment out the door, send it through our asset sanitation facility.

Your supply chain doesn’t end with the device’s end of life.

CyberCore can help you securely decommission your assets, from disposal to liquidation.

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