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DEI: Modeling Empathy

January 25, 2023

January Observances: January is marked as a time of new beginnings in which we observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day, signifying the start of advancing the civil rights movement to eliminate social injustice and achieve equal rights for all. In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the DEI committee is also recognizing Poverty Awareness Month, which is a month-long initiative that brings awareness to fight against global poverty and create a lasting impact in the lives of disadvantaged people. We consider this as an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to supporting non-profit organizations that best serve the underserved communities around us.

To start the new year, the DEI committee is committed to creating a more inclusive and welcoming work environment for everyone at CyberCore. Organizations that promote inclusion are shown to have a happier workforce. In our ongoing efforts to embrace this change, we want to highlight the importance of company culture and the actionable steps we are taking to build a culture of belonging.

  1. Model Empathy

Developing an empathetic mindset is an excellent step in being transformative in improving our sense of belonging. We can put this into practice by focusing on being more of an active listener and demonstrating a willingness to help our peers, which in turn can strengthen working relationships for better output. We can set a great example by making empathy-driven leadership a key part of our company culture.

  1. Improving team cohesion

Teamwork is a powerful driver to creating a sense of unity in the workplace. An excellent way to improve team productivity is by maintaining frequent, multi-way communication that allows for fresh perspectives that can help boost workplace collaboration and encourage all to contribute to meaningful shared goals.

  1. Encouraging questions and bottom-up feedback

Our goal is to ensure that everyone feels like they play an integral part in steering the company forward. In order to sustain growth and development, we are working towards identifying inefficiencies and processes that may lower employee engagement and assuring that all are well-informed about important decisions made. We aim to serve as a point of contact and a safe channel for everyone to share their most honest opinions and feedback.

As we continue to make it a priority and focus to build a culture of belonging, we continue to stay on top of meeting the diverse needs of the CyberCore family. Our role in DEI is leveraging our collective voice together to lead a purpose-driven pool of individuals who will bring their most authentic selves to work and proactively strive for a culture of success.

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