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CyberCore Attends the ISAC Conference, Promoting CyberCore’s corePROTECT: Insider Threat Monitoring Solution!

August 23, 2017

Elkridge, MD, August 23, 2017: On April 4, CyberCore attended the 11th annual Industrial Security Awareness Council of Central Maryland’s Training Conference at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. This year’s conference focused on detecting, deterring, and mitigating insider threats.

As an exhibitor, CyberCore promoted a new corePROTECT solution which uses a defense-in-depth methodology to protect our customer’s environment from external and internal threats. This Cyber Solution includes: Insider Threat Endpoint monitoring, securing infrastructure against external threats, leveraging a custom vulnerability assessment/ penetration testing process to detect weak points in the infrastructure, ensuring compliance with all DoD regulations for Insider Threat Programs, Network Security Monitoring to detect and mitigate threats before they infiltrate the network, and End Point Secure Content Monitoring and Trusted Print Management.

Stop insider threats BEFORE your data makes the papers!

Please visit us online at: to learn more about CyberCore’s corePROTECT solution.

Headquartered in Elkridge, MD, CyberCore is one of the nation’s leading supply chain risk management and managed service providers for both government and commercial customers. For more information about CyberCore, please contact our Business Development Team, at

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