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Assumptions and Biases

February 10, 2023

Have you ever made an assumption about someone simply based on how they look?

Everyone has – it’s called unconscious bias. This month, the CyberCore DEI Committee would like to highlight unconscious bias, as it happens every day and you don’t even realize you are making these judgments about others.

Unconscious biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that an individual forms outside their own conscious awareness. Often, the assumptions are about a person’s character, behavior, intelligence, or capabilities. Everyone holds unconscious beliefs about various social and identity groups, and these biases stem from our tendency to organize social groups by categorizing.

What Can We Do?

  1. Be conscious of it. Practice self-awareness by recognizing your own biases.
  2. Understand that categorization is a normal aspect of human cognition. Your awareness of this concept can help you recognize and approach your own biases.
  3. Embrace discussions. Talking with others, especially those from different social groups, can be helpful. Sharing your biases can help others feel more secure about exploring their own biases. It’s important to have these conversations in a safe space and to be open to the perspectives and viewpoints of others.

February Observances

Each February, Black History Month serves as both a celebration of Black culture and a powerful reminder of the many contributions of African Americans. We encourage everyone to take time to observe and celebrate the contributions of Black Americans, honor the achievements of generations past, and confront the injustices of today.

Since 1976, every American president has endorsed a specific theme for Black History Month. The theme for the 2023 Black History Month is “Black Resistance,” which explores how African Americans have resisted historic and ongoing oppression since the nation’s earliest days.

Author: Eve C.

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