Professional Services

CyberCore has over 250 members of our Professional Services team who are diligently working to solve customer problems. Many of our team members are experts in their field, holding high-level degrees and certifications. Whether it’s government or corporate, cyber security or data analysis, IT support or software development, the CyberCore team remains motivated, professional, and uncompromising. A cocktail of free-thinking entrepreneurialism, tried and true experience, as well as multi-tasking and multi-disciplined professionals means that no challenge goes unanswered.

Value Added Services

CyberCore Technologies is a leading provider of Secure Supply Chain Management and Cyber Solutions focused on protecting our customer’s environment from external and internal threats. Leveraging ISO 28000 (Secure Supply Chain Risk Management) and ISO 20243 (Mitigating Maliciously Tainted and Counterfeit Products) certified supply chain security processes throughout the product acquisition lifecycle, CyberCore provides value added services including asset tagging, testing, smart-boxing, secure packaging, and secure delivery of IT equipment to reduce the likelihood of delivering counterfeit or tainted products to a customer.

Managed Services

CyberCore’s Managed Services optimizes your infrastructure, provides proactive device management, and optimizes business processes to save you money and reduce waste. CyberCore’s corePRINT solution provides device authentication & content monitoring to reduce insider threat attacks. CyberCore’s corePROTECT solution uses a defense-in-depth methodology to protect your environment from external and internal threats. This innovative Cyber Solution includes:

1) Insider Threat Endpoint monitoring of computers, tablets, and mobile devices,
2) securing the infrastructure against external threats, leveraging a custom vulnerability assessment/ penetration testing process to detect weak points in the infrastructure,
3) ensure compliance with all DoD regulations for Insider Threat Programs,
4) Network Security Monitoring to detect and mitigate threats before they infiltrate the network, and
5) End Point Secure Content Monitoring and Trusted Print Management. These solutions are founded on CyberCore’s proven, scalable, and efficient ISO 28000 certified approach to secure supply chain management to ensure all end-user services are secure and trusted.